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So wow, I came home today, after yesterday having the biggest spike in followers, to see yet another spike, pushing me over the 100 followers mark. I’m so thankful for having you guys enjoy my work, I know it’s only been a short while since the 50 follower post but I find I’ve grown closer with many of you, especially those that have followed me from the beginning. I want to say thanks again to d-amazing, the the-ankle-rocker,  thedailyfigure, thedustiestdesk, and gigabeetle once more. But this time I want to focus on a few new followers, that I know without your help I wouldn’t be where i am right now.

First to raspberrychainsaw, your work is astounding, original and I get so many great ideas out of exploring your work. 

coffeecuprobot: your showcase of work literally makes me jealous, the tones, the messages the dedication, you are truly an amazing artist

mikealwaysdiary, when I see you come online it’s usually only moments before I see your name on my screen saying you’ve liked or reblogged something. I truly appreciate it and I hope I can continue to impress you.

and lastly to laika952, you’re a very fun person, I love the comments you leave and I love hearing what you have to say. I hope overtime we can be good friends…or at least good blog buddies :)

To everyone else I hope I can continue to entertain you guys. As i’ve said in one of my “answers” I am still very new to photography and I hope you guys stay and continue to watch me grow into something everyone here will continue to follow and support as I change into a new artist. 

Thank you everyone, that’s my rant for the evening 

Time Out :)

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  6. laika952 said: Thanks for liking my corny jokes. I am glad to see you getting recognition for your awesome stuff!
  7. raspberrychainsaw said: lol STAHP! Haha congrats dude, glad I could be an influence! Keep it up, you’re definitely improving with each set
  8. the-ankle-rocker said: You’ve come a long way and your photosets keep getting better all the time. Bravo friend… take a bow!