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Photo Updates for the Next Few Months

Time In for a quick update about my blog’s couple months up to probably the end of October.

I am in the planning stages for moving to a new apartment. We have almost guaranteed that the new place is ours. Therefore the next few months will be hectic; cleaning everything up in the old place, cutting down on what we have, boxing up our belongs etc.

For those that follow me for new figures, I will be cutting my budget almost completely until October. I still have a few new members joining, but that’ll be the last until I move.

I will be doing a few “special” albums shortly, one for the blog’s 1 year Anniversery (July 31st) and another for when we hit 200 followers (currently sitting at 178, thanks for all the support folks). Both of these albums I hope to have out to you when we hit each goal.

For July I will be on regular schedule, but as we get into August, and closer to September, I will be producing less work. Please understand this is not a permanent thing, but I need all the time I can to pack and make sure I leave my old place in the best condition possible, and with me working 6 days a week as is, it leaves little time for photos.

All i ask, is that you guys keep supporting my work, I love doing shots for you guys, I love receiving comments from you guys and I want you guys to know exactly why I sometimes can’t produce the same amount as usual.

again thanks all for the continued support, I will do the best I can to continue to entertain you guys, even with my hectic life.

for now,

Time Out

Anonymous asked: OMG where did you get that Joktik plush? It's adorable!

I ebayed it, I spent a whopping 99c on it